pleasant Minister Sheikh Hasina and Kamal Hossain ideal Minister Sheikh Hasina

pleasant Minister Sheikh Hasina and Kamal Hossain
ideal Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the leaders of the national unity ahead at Gonobhaban at three:30 pm on February 2. Mostafa Mohsin Montu and Subrata Chowdhury, each market leaders of the national unity front, counseled this information in the first light on Sunday evening. however they are now not going to the satisfactory Minister’s invitation.

The market leaders were invited to alternate greetings and tea chakras.

in the Eprothom Alo parliamentary elections, birthday party and coalition market leaders are invited to participate within the communicate with the top Minister. In the ones days, the ideal Minister made a communicate with the marketplace leaders of the seventy five people and alliance leaders. The leaders of the politics birthday party collaborating inside the communicate are being requested through different phrases.

Mostafa Mohsin Montu, one of the leaders of the united the front facet and widespread secretary of the humans’s Message board, said within the first light, ‘i have located an invite cards from the number one Minister. when or how have you ever see it?

The united front innovator said. Kamal Hossain is no longer inside the us of a. he’s staying in Singapore for remedy. day after today he ought to return to his u . s . a .. solidarity font options said, Dr. After time for Kamal, the invitation will be formalized.

BNP is the most important celebration of the united entry. aside from this, the opposite communities are Gana Message board, Krishak Sramik Janata Little league, JSD, Civic unity.

Gonoforama govt president Subrata Chowdhury has obtained the letter. He stated, I read the letter directed for the trade of greetings.

Subrata Chowdhury stated, following the eleventh parliamentary elections, we provided an offer for speak. That election has turned into a farce election. So we advocate to communicate about any of it. however now we have been invited to trade greetings. we’re now not going there.

beforehand of 11th Parliamentary elections, leaders of the united main leaders have been in talks with top Minister Sheikh Hasina in November this past yr. there is discuss the election for the reason that speak. Awami League gained a large fulfillment within the elections. but the country wide harmony access rejected the election. similarly they demanded the cancellation of the election.

At one stage Awami League basic Secretary Obaidul Quader said on January thirteen, the main Minister will again remain in the speak. Kader stated that the great Minister will invite the political features that had been held previous to the 11th parliamentary elections.

however, 1 day from then on, Kader stated that communicate will now not be known as for politics parties to alternate greetings.

however, the day after Kader’s statement, Awami class Advisory Council member and high Minister’s Political representative HT Imam, ‘Our primary Minister Sheikh Hasina will again make a dialogue.’

an appropriate Minister stated that the communicate may be referred to as inside the talk. It simply is known that the day of debate is scheduled on Feb 6.

At midday, BNP secretary simple Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that the number one Minister of November didn’t maintain the talk the election inside the speak.

Left Alliance marketplace leaders obtained invitation:

top Minister Sheikh Hasina invited sixteen marketplace leaders of the 8 saved Democratic Alliance these had been invited to exchange Tea Chicks and Greetings at 3:30 on February 2.

Abdullah al-Qafee alias Kabafi Ratan, an associate of Communist birthday party of Bangladesh (CPB) presidium member, said this. He stated within the first light that there virtually is no opportunity of heading there. i will now not welcome this imitation election. however, day after today’s discussions could be mentioned within the Left alliance meeting.